Bespoke Development

Development of a solution to match your exact business requirements

JMR Software specialises in bespoke systems development to match your companies’ specific needs. Our experience in a range of legacy, and modern technologies enhanced by our knowledge and experience in financial services enable us to effectively capture your business requirements.

JMR Software is experienced in a variety of methodologies, such as Waterfall and Agile, and have successfully delivered systems in both these methodologies.  We will deliver the project with the technology and methodology deemed best fit for purpose – a decision fuelled by the insight, analysis and consultancy gathered during the discovery process – and what you, as the customer, requires.

JMR Software predominantly follows the Agile methodology for software development and we have an excellent track record in delivering full enterprise systems following this methodology.  This empowers us to provide you with the rapid development and deployment of tailored solutions.

Project Approach Methodology:

The incremental delivery cycles of the Agile methodology ensure value is realised early, while its flexibility ensures a quick delivery without sacrificing quality.  We believe that the Agile methodology reduces the risk associated with the challenges and limitations of traditional Waterfall development.  The client gets sight of the product much earlier, is an integral part of the feedback and implementation loop and can be confident that there will be no surprises with regards to the deadline and the ultimate cost.

The main principles of Agile that we follow are:

  1. Stakeholder collaboration
  2. Iterative and time-boxed development cycles with focussed objectives providing sight of the product very early on in the process
  3. Iterative testing cycles, so better software quality is delivered
  4. Focus on communication
  5. High visibility of the team’s progress to stakeholders to measure productivity
  6. Continues feedback from stakeholders to identify problems early
  7. Responding to change

Construction Iterations – Sprint Execution

All projects are driven by our highly experienced Consulting and Project Management Teams to ensure strong governance and the effective application of tried and tested methodologies. The integrity and robustness of our approach means that all projects are delivered on time and in budget. JMR is highly praised, as evident by our customer testimonials, as being a provider of quality IT solutions and contributing to the success of our clients to deliver on our promise to all stakeholders.

Our Approach:

  1. Inception – Initiate the Project
  2. Elaboration – Identify Requirements, Baseline Design, Architecture and Plan – Product Backlog
  3. Construction Iterations –Deliver working software based on iterations – Sprint Execution
  4. Transition – Acceptance Testing, Training, Deploy final Release into Production
  5. Production – Ongoing support

Contact us to discuss how we can design software packages and solutions to match your exact business requirements.

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